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Woba is here to help HR and leaders in using employee feedback to measure, predict, and prevent talent loss.

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Employee retention & EHS Software

A platform that connects all employee surveys into an all-in-one solution


Uncover the hidden drivers of engagement

Onboarding & Exit Surveys

Understand the entire employee lifecycle


Keep your finger on the pulse with one question

1:1 Talent Management

People growth drives retention and business results

Management Performance

Give your leaders the power to make a difference

EHS Compliance

Be compliant with the health and safety law


The Whistleblower Solution that ensures full compliance

Build a people-centric culture with Woba

In Woba we know when people feel heard their well-being, performance and retention will increase. So are you ready to transform your people approach?

Woba’s AI-based algorithm collects feedback from the entire employee experience in your organization, predicts risks and opportunities and most importantly — prescribes proactive action

Results after using Woba

Improved health and well-being
0 %
reduction in absence rates
0 %
ROI in saved absence cost
0 %
Improved health and well-being
0 %
reduction in absence rates
0 %
ROI in saved absence cost
0 %

See a crystal-clear ROI of your employee effort

For many years HR and managers have tried to prove to the CFO that employee well-being efforts are an investment – not an expense. Stop waisting energy and see your ROI in real-time

With our easy-to-use Financial Forecast System you are now able predict your staff turnover risk and to see a crystal-clear financial ROI on your implemented action plans in real-time

Highest level of data security

We are proud to say that we can guarantee you that your data is safe with us. We are most importantly compliant with all the requirements of the GDPR. In short, we have implemented the latest encryption techniques and security standards for the protection of your data.

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Of our customers say they
love Woba
0 %
Of our customers say they
love Woba

Be a part of our mission to create the world's best places to work

We are more than a software! We are born to rethink how we work with well-being and employee retention. Book a demo and let’s show you how Woba can make a change for your business

Want to learn more about Woba?

How does Woba work?


You achieve the greatest ’employee retention effect’ by following Woba’s 5 automated steps:


  1. Set up your organization and schedule your employee survey in Wobas management analytics
  2. The employees answer the survey in the Wobas app or via our web app. They get their personal results with scores and tools to improve their well-being
  3. The CEO, CFO, HR and the local managers get a unique login to Woba’s analytics, where they can see the results in real-time, identify risks for loss of talent and take preventive action with an action plan
  4. The action plan is initiated and implemented
  5. Impact measurement of the results takes place after the action plan has been implemented – so you can demonstrate your ROI when using Woba on, for example, reduced sickness absence or lower staff turnover
What does Woba cost?

At Woba, you will find a price level that is simple and flexible. There are no hidden fees or start-up payments – the price level is based solely on the company’s number of employees.

All solutions are delivered with standard service, but premium service can be purchased for Unlimited and Enterprise. Please note that regardless of the number of employees, the minimum price is DKK 15,000 per year. 

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Who are the founders behind Woba?

The founders behind Woba are Malene Madsen, CEO, and Mikkel Bindesbøl, Co-founder & product expert. Malene has a background in psychology and philosophy and specializes in the prevention of work-related stress. Mikkel has a background in psychology and health promotion and specializes in the same field. See Malene Madsen’s Ted Talk about the founders’ journey.

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Why should I choose Woba?

If you are tired of not being able to measure the effect of your employee satisfaction actions, Woba will make your everyday life easier.


In other words, you should choose Woba if you want to rethink your work with well-being – and be able to use employee feedback to predict and prevent stress, sick leave and loss of talent.

Does Woba offer counseling?


We are Denmark’s leading well-being and working environment experts.
If you choose one of our premium packages, you will be assigned your own advisor who will help you create a world-class working environment.

When you buy Woba, you will get your own personal advisor that offers professionel coaching in all steps of your employee retention journey:

  • Onboarding
  • Setting up and sending out surveys
  • Presentation of results to top management, line managers and employees
  • Action plans – preparation, implementation and effect
  • Financial impact measurement of your action plans
What effects will Woba show?

With Woba, you are guaranteed a financial return. Our customers who have followed Woba’s unique “Employee Retention model” have achieved the following effects:


21% improved well-being and health

32% reduction in sickness absence

151% ROI in relation to reduced sickness absence

What about anonymity - is it guaranteed?

Indeed it is!

One of our core values at Woba is to guarantee that your employees can respond anonymously. The credibility of the answers will increase when the employees have full confidence that their answers will be treated anonymously and confidentially – and we can definitely guarantee that!


We fully comply with all GDPR rules and act as a data processor.

Likewise, it requires two factor authentication for both employees and administrators to access the platform. We also encrypt each individual’s answers so that they cannot be recognised.


Read more about our anonymity policy