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Choose a plan that will make a change for your people

Woba offers three different pricing plans tailored to the
needs and priorities of your organisation with no hidden fees.


Annual subscription

Everything you need to get up and running quickly with automated onboarding and much more


Annual subscription

All-in-one employee retention solution with unlimited employee surveys, predictive AI analytics and strategic coaching to guide from a-z


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Custom made solution with dedicated advisor and support tailored for complex Enterprise companies

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* Standard Service
Customer success manager attached
Onboarding: 1 hour
Chat and phone support: Does not include advice, but platform help
Guide to setting up your own organization (employees, departments and admins)
After the measurement, there will be an opportunity for an online meeting of approx. 30 min
Presentation of the results
Assistance in preparing and implementing action plans
Measure the effect of your implemented action measures
Setup and initiation of new measurement

* * Premium: standard +following. (can be purchased in addition to unlimited and enterprise packages)
Direct telephone to personal Customer Success Manager (before and during surveys)
Chat and phone support
Help for importing organization
Help with setting up and planning surveys
Unlimited number of meetings, however max. 1 per week for 30 minutes before and during surveys
Management review (e.g. AMO groups, HR partners, management groups, etc.)

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Employee experience & EHS Software

A platform that connects all employee surveys into an all-in-one solution


Be compliant with the health and safety law


Uncover the hidden drivers of engagement


Keep your finger on the pulse with one question


People growth drives retention and business results

Onboarding & Exit

Understand the entire employee lifecycle


The Whistleblower Solution that ensures full compliance


Give your leaders the power to make a difference

Your personal coach is with you through the journey

We have leading well-being and work environment experts.
Regardless of which plan you choose, you will be assigned your own advisor, ensuring that all your Woba results are translated into real impact on the bottom line.

We will guide your through the journey through the following steps:

  • Onboarding
  • The setup and enrollment of surveys
  • Action plans – preparation, implementation and effect
  • Financial impact measurement of your action plans
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Get a Return on Investment with Woba​

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Improved health and well-being
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