Why Woba?

Our vision is to create a better world by improving health and safety at work through preventive data-driven insights – for now and for future generations.
Woba er en ny og revolutionerende måde at lave APV- og trivselsmålinger, der kan mærkes på bundlinjen.

Our approach at Woba is human – and therefore our story starts in the world of people science: As our researched showed; one of the biggest threats to modern business today is the loss of key employees due to high staff turnover and absence rates.

Interestingly was, all the companies that we founded our research on, did not lack the will – but the knowledge – to change their situation for the better. The companies used traditional employee surveys to gain an understanding of how their employees where feeling, but the results were not actionable. In other words it took them months to translate their results into action – therefore increased the risk of further damage. After this discovery the conclusion of our research was simple: we decided that change was needed and so we created Woba.

Det er ikke nok at måle

Know your people and create the perfect workspace with Woba

Woba rethinks traditional employee surveys. Through innovative thinking we have created a live employee tracker that transforms feedback into actionable insights that enables you to improve your employee retention. In this way you are able to act immediately on any work-related risks and create improvement immediately. Furthermore, our employee tracker is able to indicate what is likely to happen in the future – so you can take action at an early stage.

The uniqueness of Woba – a People Intelligence Platform based on science

At Woba we differ from our peers. We know that an engaging and a safe culture is not built by chance. It is build on the foundation of strong leadership that is committed to a clear vision about creating a culture where people can go to work everyday feeling safe and passionate to do their best. We also believe that the key to make this vision into reality is to base your strategic decisions on accurate data and insights – and not on gut feelings.

At Woba we give top management, HR and frontline managers a clear real-time vision of how your employees are doing right now. We do this by concentrating our data insights on forecasting the most vital workforce-related risks while empowering leaders to take action at an early stage.

We have therefore created a People Intelligence Platform because Woba provides your managers with new and powerful knowledge that empowers them to create an atmosphere that drives employee engagement and retention – and a work culture everyone can be proud of.

Reach your full potential

This new proactive data-driven approach is based on scientific evidence and has proven to give you up to 200 % ROI due to significantly fewer cases of employee turnover, absence and work accidents – and at the same time enables your organisation to create a culture where people can go to work everyday feeling safe and passionate to do their best.

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