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We know it ourselves – diversity and internationalization in companies around the country has led to an exciting trend. The workplaces often consist of several nationalities. This is how we feel at Woba, where a large part of the employees are English-speaking and originally come from Belgium, Romania and India, among others. And then of course it is not an option to send out a well-being survey – which is only in Danish.

We thought about this when we built our well-being platform and therefore all question frames in the various surveys are available in both Danish and English.

What other options do you have?

If you need to complete surveys in other languages, we certainly offer that as well. You simply agree with your associated Customer Success Manager which languages you want – and then we take care of translation and implementation.

A little advice along the way

Our experience shows that it is most optimal to complete the survey in English, for those employees who do not speak Danish – and who of course understand English. Why? Because the best results are produced via a shared discourse and understanding of the language.

You may be unlucky to miss some important points in the process of translating one language into another via an interpreter or a translation program.

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Can Woba be integrated with our existing software?

You have probed the market and have concluded that Woba.io is the absolute best match for your company and your employees. Wonderful. Then you already come a long way. But now there is an inevitable question when it comes to the technical side.

Can this new software integrate with what we already have? And that is important. Because it can take immeasurable amounts of time and effort if this part can’t just be put in place easily and clearly.

Implementation of Woba as an employee retention platform - What does it require?

You have already recognized that working with well-being and the working environment is definitely important for your company.

Keeping up to date with your employees and continuously taking the pulse of well-being will be your most important means of being a well-functioning company with satisfied employees – who do not fall ill with stress or leave you in favor of the competitor.

Well. Important realization. Then you are that far.

But now you have to research the market and find the best provider – and not least the most optimal match for you and your company.

In this phase, ask yourself the following:


– What do we want to achieve with the platform?
– Should it be digital and dynamic?
– How much time do you want to spend on well-being work yourself?
– How much should employees be involved?
– Should the platform offer action plans built on valid research?


When you have asked yourself these questions – and not least the answer to them, well then it is just starting to probe the market for providers who have just the right solution for you and your company.

Louise Aarkrog
Head of Marketing & Communication

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