Employee Lifecycle™

Optimize the lifetime value of your employees by tracking the moments that matter most

Science shows us that the most effective way to improve the overall employee experience is to understand what matters the most to your people. Managing and maintaining the employee lifecycle is therefore crucial for businesses to remain competitive in today’s market.

Woba’s Employee Lifecycle Pulse Survey measures the total employee experience - from onboarding over change of position to exit - and focuses on turnover intention in order to prevent loss of key hires at en early stage.

With our unique Employee Lifecycle Pulse Survey you will above all always have your finger on the pulse. Our management dashboard provides you with powerful data that gives you a real-time understanding of the engagement level and turnover intentions of your employees. As a result Woba enables you to reduce turnover costs and successfully optimize the lifetime value of your most important assets – your people!

How does it work?


Minimal time consumption – with maximum value

  • Set up in 4 simple onboarding steps
  • Fill in survey anytime & anywhere from our user-friendly mobile app
  • Employees receive personal feedback scores & e-learning tools to increase their engagement at work
Employee Lifecycle1
Employee Lifecycle2


Empower your
leaders with Actionable Insights

  • Provide your managers with instant results & interactive reporting in real-time
  • Get a real-time overview and understanding of how your employees engage with your organisation through the entire employee lifecycle
  • Spot disengagement & the risk of employee turnover with our Intelligent Risk Map - and prevent valuable loss for your company


Turn results into proactive action – 100 % automatic

  • Each manager will receive personalized recommendations on how to prevent risks of disengagement and turnover to ensure talent retention
  • Our suggested actions are based on scientific evidence in order to empower leaders to take direct action with confidence
  • Upload & track the effects of your upgrades and follow the improvements over time with our Action Plan Tracker & Intelligent Effect Measurement
Employee Lifecycle3

“The single most effective solution to prevent staff turnover and absence with data-driven insights that I have ever seen”

CEO Willis Towers Watson DK

Sounds interesting?