Effect measurement

Effect measurement with Effect Pulse™

Effect Pulse provides you with powerful information about the link between your implemented action plans and the positive impact on your business results.

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Effect Pulse™

One of the largest obstacles for modern businesses today is the large uncertainty of whether the time invested in action-planning has a positive impact on business results.

But don’t worry – we have good news! Here at Woba we can help you with this concern with our Effect Measurement – Effect Pulse™.

Woba’s Effect Pulse™ is an automated solution that provides you with a real-time data overview of the link between your implemented action plans and the impact they have on key driving factors of your business results, such as employee engagement, wellbeing, performance, as well as turnover and absence rates.

“The companies are today well aware about the fact that when they invest €1 in their working environment, they will receive €2 again. Despite this fact no tools have yet been able to measure this effect. However Woba helps our customers with a digital overview – “an overall people risk rating system” – that seamlessly can measure the effect of their implemented actions plans on their absence & turnover rates. This knowledge is unique and enables certainly companies to make better and more targeted people decisions. Decisions about where to invest their time and money to reduce risk of work injuries, turnover and sick leaves. From our perspective, Woba is the only digital tool on the market that can solve this huge pain point.“
Lars Gundorph
(Fomer) CEO, Willis Tower Watson

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