Improve employee retention

Woba is a people intelligence platform that makes it easier for organizations to measure and improve employee well-being, engagement and retention.

Trusted by over 400 of the world’s best places to work

“The single most effective solution to prevent staff turnover and absence with data-driven insights that I have ever seen.”
Lars Christensen​
CEO, Willis Towers Watson DK​
”Woba has provided our managers with a real-time overview of the employee engagement level in their departments. Therefore, Woba is a useful tool to create a better dialogue between employees and managers. Woba has likewise made it easier for HR to identify the departments at risk, and enabled us to take action at an early stage to create the best possible working conditions for our employees.”
Annette Otto​
HR Senior Vice President, Atea​
“Unlike traditional surveys Woba allows us to transform employee feedback into actionable insights that has made it possible to predict and act on our hidden people risks. As a result Woba helps us today with seeing where and how we should invest our time and resources.”
Carsten Dong​
Quality Assurance Manager, DSV Road​

Why choose Woba?

A new proactive approach that helps your organization turn risks into business growth.

When employees thrive, you strive.

Your people are your most important drivers for success – but also your biggest risk. Therefore, we have created Woba.

Firstly, Woba transforms employee survey feedback into actionable insights that enables you to reduce risks of employee absence and turnover at an early stage.

Secondly, Woba will give everyone in your organizations the data insights, knowledge and guides on how to boost their level of well-being and engagement even more – to turn risk into success.

Easy-to-use & infinite scalability

Intuitiveness & beautiful design are at the heart of Woba. Therefore, managers and employees will find Woba meaningful, fun and easy-to-use:

  • 4 easy steps to create and send out all the
  • DIY’s or standard pulse surveys you want
  • Your employees can answer seamlessly anytime and anywhere from our mobile app
  • Employees get instant personalized results as well as scientifically based tools on how to improve their engagement at work

Get proactive insights in real-time

Woba’s dashboard gives each manager in your organization access to powerful insights about their current work-related risks and:

  • Instant reporting to turn results into action
  • Real-time Risk Map of the opportunities and improvement areas
  • Intelligent Early
  • Warning System to spot hidden risks at an early stag

Empower your managers to turn feedback into action

Our game-changing algorithms transform employee feedback into suggested actions. As a result, your managers will receive:

  • Personal recommendations on how to prevent risk of costly employee turnover and absence
  • Scientific-based guidelines which makes it easier for each manager to take action with expertise and confidence

Highest level of data security

We are proud to say that we can guarantee you that your data is safe with us. We are most importantly compliant with all the requirements of the GDPR. In short, we have implemented the latest encryption techniques and security standards for the protection of your data.

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