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Today’s most important management responsibility lies in the creation of a work environment where people feel safe, energised and passionate about their work to do their absolute best every day.

To clarify, most managers know the importance of this fact. However, many managers lack a digital tool that provides them with an accurate understanding of their employees satisfaction level with them.

Woba’s Management Development Survey is an ongoing pulse that is designed to make it easier for managers to focus on how they develop their management skills. Most importantly, Woba helps develop managers through feedback-driven insights from their employees and personalized action plans. As a result, Woba empowers managers to fulfill their potential to become “people champions”.

Easy startup with a 100% automated process

  • Set up in 4 simple onboarding steps
  • Fill in survey anytime & anywhere from our user-friendly mobile app
  • Employees receive personal feedback scores & e-learning tools to strengthen their relationship, confidence and trust to their manager
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Empower your leaders with actionable insights

  • Give your managers the ability to see instant results & interactive reporting in real-time
  • Get an overview of manager satisfaction across the entire organization
  • Spot hidden risks of disengagement at management level with our Intelligent Risk Ma

Turn your insight into immediate action

  • Based on the manager’s personal results, Woba suggests focus areas and targeted action plans
  • All our action plans are based on scientific evidence to empower leaders to take action with confidence
  • Upload & track the effect of your actions over time with our Action Plan Tracker & Intelligent Effect Measurement
Turn your insight into immediate action with Woba
“Woba has provided our managers with a completely new real-time overview of the employee engagement level in their departments. Therefore, Woba is a necessary tool to create a better dialogue between employees and managers. Woba has likewise made it easier for HR to identify the departments at risk. This has above all enabled us to take action at an early stage to create the best possible working conditions for our employees.”
Annette Otto
HR Senior Vice President, Atea

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