Health & Safety Risk Assessment

Be compliant and prevent health & safety risks with Woba.
Health & Safety Risk Management dashboard

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Become 100% compliant

It is required that every business must comply with the regulations of the environmental, health and safety standards (OSHA).

Our HSE management software makes it therefore easier for your company to ensure compliance with all requirements of the health and safety OSHA standards. Above all to protect your corporate reputations and your employees at all times.

Our Health and Safety Risk Assessment is so an effective way to measure, manage and prevent health and safety risks at an early stage to improve your business results.

To clarify: A healthy and safe culture is not built by chance – it is built by a strong vision shaped around actionable data and insights in real-time.

Easy startup with a 100% automated process

  • Set up in 4 simple onboarding steps
  • Fill in survey anytime & anywhere from our user-friendly mobile app
  • Employees receive personal feedback scores & e-learning tools to reduce their work-related health risks and improve their wellbeing and safety level.

Empower your leaders with actionable insights

  • Provides HR & frontline managers with results & interactive reporting in real-time
  • Gives an real-time overview of health & safety risks across the entire organization
  • Identify, act and prevent hidden health & safety risks with our intelligent Risk Map

Turn results into proactive action – 100 % automatic

  • Provide each manager with personalized suggestions on how to act on and prevent health and safety risks to ensure employee retention
  • Our action-orientated suggestions are based on scientific evidence in order to empower leaders to take direct proactive action with confidence
  • Upload & track the effects of your actions plans and follow the improvements over time with our Action Plan Tracker & Intelligent Effect Measurement
“The single most effective solution to prevent staff turnover and absence with data-driven insights that I have ever seen.”
Lars Christensen​
CEO, Willis Towers Watson DK​
“We chose to make a strategic cooperation with Woba because it is a unique solution. The Woba team are the only ones who has succeeded with combining engagement, health & safety data into one compliant rating system. All of this combined makes it possible for us and our customers to prevent costly turnover and absence rates in real-time so we can increase the overall employee retention."
Jytte Adelmark
Direktør for Vækstcenter Sundhed – Tryg Denmark

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