Employee Retention

Improve employee retention with actionable insights

At Woba we know that your employees are your most valuable assets. Their significance calls therefore for not only the need to attract the best talents - but also the necessity to retain them for a long time.

For instance: the average cost of losing an employee is 33 % of their annual salary due to loss of productivity and cost of onboarding and training. Likewise, reports estimate that nearly 45 % of employees are considering leaving their current job. These facts can certainly sound scary to any business. But the good news is that Woba can provide your company with the actionable insights you need to retain your key employees.

Based on international studies we have developed an Employee Retention Pulse that measures 15 cultural key drivers that drives employee retention. Woba makes it in other words easy to collect, understand and take action to retain your most valuable assets  - your people!

How does it work?


Fast & engaging onboarding

  • Set up in 4 simple onboarding steps
  • Fill in survey anytime & anywhere from our user-friendly mobile app
  • Employees receive personal feedback scores & e-learning tools to increase their engagement and boost retention
Employee Retention1
Employee Retention2


Empower your
leaders with actionable insights

  • Instant results & interactive reporting in real-time
  • Get an overview of your key drivers of employee engagement and retention across the entire organisation
  • Spot hidden risks of turnover and absence with our intelligent Risk Map


Turn results into actions – 100 % automatic

  • Provide each manager with personalized suggestions and tools on how to reduce the risk of important talents leaving your company
  • All our recommended action plans are based on scientific evidence to empower leaders to take proactive action with confidence
  • Upload & track the effect of your actions over time with our Action Plan Tracker & intelligent effect measurement
Employee Retention3

“We chose to make a strategic cooperation with Woba because it is a unique solution. The Woba team are the only ones who has succeeded with combining engagement, health & safety data into one compliant risk rating system. All of this combined makes it possible for us and our customers to prevent costly turnover and absence rates in real-time so we can increase the overall employee retention”

Director Tryg Insurance

Sounds interesting?