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Research continuously shows us that there is a direct link between employee engagement and retention of your top talents. Therefore, we have developed an Employee Engagement Survey based on international studies. The survey measures 10 cultural key drivers that has been validated to drive employee retention across industries.

With Woba’s Employee Engagement Survey you will above all get powerful data-driven insights to better understand what drives the engagement across your company.

Furthermore, Woba will provide your managers with step-by-step guidance on how to take effective action immediately. As a result Woba will enable you and your managers to retain your top talents. In short, so you create a culture where your employees feel engaged to do their absolute best everyday.

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"Unlike traditional surveys, Woba allows us to transform employee feedback into actionable insights that make it possible to increase our employee engagement. Furthermore, Woba provides our employees with personalized tools and E-learning which makes the survey process more fun, engaging and valuable for our employees to share their knowledge with us"
Carsten Dong Quality Assurance Manager, DSV Road
Carsten Dong
Quality Assurance manager, DSV Road

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