Employee Engagement

Increase engagement & retention with Woba

Research continuously shows us that there is a direct link between employee engagement and retention of your top talents. Therefore, we have developed an Employee Engagement Survey based on international studies. The survey measures 10 cultural key drivers that has been validated to drive employee retention across industries.

With Woba’s Employee Engagement Survey you will above all get powerful data-driven insights to better understand what drives the engagement across your company.

Furthermore, Woba will provide your managers with step-by-step guidance on how to take effective action immediately. As a result Woba will enable you and your managers to retain your top talents. In short, so you create a culture where your employees feel engaged to do their absolute best everyday.

How does it work?


Fast & engaging onboarding

  • Set up in 4 simple onboarding steps
  • Fill in survey anytime & anywhere from our user-friendly mobile app
  • Employees receive personal feedback scores & e-learning tools to increase their engagement at work
Employee Engagement1
Employee Engagement2


Empower your
leaders with actionable insights

  • Instant results & interactive reporting in real-time
  • Get an overview of your key drivers of employee engagement and retention across the entire organisation
  • Spot employee disengagement & turnover risks with our intelligent Risk Map


Turn results into actions – 100 % automatic

  • Provide each manager with personalized suggestions on how to act on disengagement and risk of turnover in real-time
  • All our suggested action plans are based on scientific evidence to empower leaders to take action with confidence
  • Upload & track effects and improvements over time with our Action Plan Tracker & Intelligent Effect Measurement solution
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"Unlike traditional surveys, Woba allows us to transform employee feedback into actionable insights that make it possible to increase our employee engagement. Furthermore, Woba provides our employees with personalized tools and E-learning which makes the survey process more fun, engaging and valuable for our employees to share their knowledge with us"

Quality Assurance manager, DSV Road

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