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Tryg is the biggest insurance company in Denmark and the second biggest in the Nordics. Tryg helps 80,000 Enterprise customers and 530,000 employees to avoid work-related injuries, which aligns with their core mission: to make it simpler to feel safe in a changing world.


Tryg Insurance made their first contact to Woba in the start of 2019, where they pointed out their specific challenges with their previous digital EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) survey provider. The tool provided their customer base with the service of a Health and Safety Risk Assessment, so they could be compliant and prevent work-related risks. The problem was that the tool did not show any effect mainly because it did not provide real-time results. Therefore it took them months for the time-consuming results to cascade from the top management to their frontline managers. This was a huge frustration for Tryg because it is a legal requirement for all business in Europe to complete the EHS Risk Assessment. Why they obviously wanted to provide their customer base with the opportunity to be 100 % compliant.

Woba as an integrated part of Trygs customer base

Just before Christmas in 2019, Tryg Insurance selected Woba as their EHS survey provider:

“We chose a strategic cooperation with Woba because of their professionalism and how they have embedded their unique know-how into their EHS software platform”

Jytte Adelmark, Director of Vækstcenter Sundhed – Tryg Insurance Denmark

The strategic co-branding cooperation between Tryg and Woba will launch in June 2020, where Tryg will offer their customers a unique opportunity to be 100 % compliant with the Environmental Health and Safety legislation with Woba.

A co-branding solution – to make it simpler to feel safe with Woba

Wobas EHS software system is an effective way to measure, manage and prevent health and safety risks at an early stage. In other words, a solution that provides the customers of Tryg with:

  • A 100 % compliant EHS software.
  • A Health & safety Risk Assessment based on research, regulated by national and international standards and applicable for all industries.
  • An app-based approach to employee feedback that provides their customers with real-time transparency across the entire organization.
  • An automated onboarding flow where their customers can set-up, send out and analyze all the EHS surveys they want in real-time.
  • An intelligent Risk Map that identifies departments at risk and areas for improvement in real-time.
  • Enable local managers with one simple log-in to their personal Woba Dashboard, to pinpoint health and safety risks within their workforce.
  • Provides HR and all local managers with recommended actions plans to reduce their workforce risk to make targeted decisions, instead of relying on intuition.
  • Provides employees and managers with a shared empowering language for talking about prevention of health, safety risk and areas of improvement for managers.

“The Woba team are the only ones who have succeeded with combining engagement, health & safety data into one real-time system that enable us and our customers to prevent costly turnover and absence rates so we can increase the overall employee retention”

Jytte Adelmark, Director of Vækstcenter Sundhed – Tryg Insurance Denmark

To sum up, Woba has above all provided Tryg Insurance with a “unique” solution that has provided them with the data-driven insights they need to solve their customers most pressing pain point: prevention of employee turnover and absence rates so everyone can go to work feeling safe and passionate to do their best.

Stay tuned for more results of this important cooperation in the upcoming year.

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