Faxe municipality & Woba

Background of challenges

Faxe Kommune is a municipality operating in the public sector of Denmark with 250 workplaces, supporting 2600 employees.

2 years ago, the HR team of Faxe Kommune contacted Woba because they wanted to modernise their traditional survey provider. HR was overburdened with a time-consuming process where they had to wait months for their reports. As a result, when the reports finally arrived, it took them several months to translate them into actions. In other words, they knew that they only had access to an outdated picture of how their 250 workplaces and 2600 employees were doing, which increased the risk of costly turnover and absence.

Solution – Faxe Kommune + Woba

Fortunately, Woba had the solution for their specific pain points. Therefore HR concluded to move forward and signed the deal with Woba. To clarify, the reason behind their decision was, that Woba gave them the opportunity to implement a long-awaited app-based approach to employee feedback. In addition, Woba could provide the local managers with real-time results and suggested actions to boost the level of health, safety and management skills – in one single platform. The HR director, Imran Akbar, told us that:

“It is not secret that highly engaged employees perform better and have fewer sick days. In that regard, Woba is an effective tool that enables us and our local managers to use real-time data and suggested actions to improve our workforce risks at an early stage”

Imran Akbar, Head of HR, Faxe Kommune

Results with Woba

Today Woba has provided Faxe Kommune with:

  • A 100 % compliant EHS software & HRM measurement system for their 250 workplaces in one single platform
  • A Health & Safety Risk Assessment and a Manager Improvement survey – customised to their needs and preference of segmentation
  • An app-based approach to employee feedback with access to real-time results across all work places of Faxe Kommune
  • An intelligent Risk Map that enables the top management, HR and frontline managers to identify and act on areas at risk
  • Enabled local managers with one simple log-in to their personal Woba Dashboard to pinpoint their management improvements areas and help them identifying health & safety risks of employee absence and turnover
  • Provided HR and all local managers with suggested actions plans to reduce their workforce and management risk and make targeted decisions instead of relying on intuition
  • Provided employees and managers with a shared empowering language for talking about prevention of health, safety risk and areas of improvement for managers

In addition to the value Woba provided to the managers, the platform has helped HR overcome the time-consuming burden of previous surveying processes. The use of Wobas has in other words provided Faxe Kommune with the data-driven insights they needed to move their focus from time-consuming frustrations to targeted dialogues with local managers around specific actions for a sustainable change.

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