Charlottehaven & Woba

How Charlottehaven is embracing employee feedback to offer the best customer service in the hotel & conference industry

When you enter Charlottehaven the architecture sets the scene – a luxurious, intimate and stunning atmosphere that gives their guests a feeling of being home. Above all Charlottehaven has found a gap in the market by combining hotel, conference center, gym, café and party facilities under the same roof.


3 years ago, we had the pleasure of our first meeting with the CEO of Charlottehaven, Lars Pontoppidan. He was clear about one thing: There is a direct line between the engagement of my employees and our bottom-line results – but no tools have provided us with seamless data to support that fact. In this regard the top management told us about previous challenges with their digital survey provider such as: 1. Time-demanding onboarding process 2. One-size-fit-all questionnaires 3. Low response rates and 4. They had to wait months for their results and they struggled to translate the reports into meaningful actions. All of this combined did that they looked for a new digital solution to solve these pressing pain-points.


After our first meeting, Charlottehaven selected Woba as their main employee engagement platform. Just one week after the deal was signed, Woba started to measure the employees’ engagement to provide the top management & leaders with a real-time overview of how their people were doing across the entire organization:

The Woba platform is in our opinion tackling identified risk in a whole new way. Woba sends a personalized action-orientated report to the concerned employee. And likewise to us in management so we can take action quickly and find a solution together. (…) For us in management it is therefore much more than just a survey platform – it is an employee retention solution”

Maria Shultz, Head of HR, Charlottehaven

Results of Woba – empowered employees and managers to make a change

  • Provided each manager with a completely new and ongoing real-time overview of how their employees are doing.
  • Gave executives, HR and frontline managers a holistic overview that highlighted potential workforces at risk and engagement opportunities across the entire company.
  • Transformed their employee feedback into targeted preventive actions and therefore provided each manager with powerful knowledge to make a change.
  • Gave the employees an empowering feeling of being heard because meaningful follow-up actions were taken.
  • Increased their overall response rate from 30%-88%.

It is not only the managers that are happy about Woba – also the employees:

“Woba is a completely new way of answering a survey! First of all, I don’t have a computer in my daily work. Therefore it is perfect I always can give my feedback through the Woba app. The best thing about Woba is certainly that I get my own personalized results and tools that remind me of taking care of myself”

– Employee, Charlottehaven

Today Charlottehaven and Woba have established a long-term relationship. In addition, the top management has selected a personal Customer Success Manager of Woba that provides them with professional recommendations of how they can translate their data results into proactive action after each survey. The Customer Success manager has also, in cooperation with Head of HR, Maria Schultz, helped them to design a custom survey to fit their unique place of work.

What Charlottehaven has realized with Woba is huge: that a feedback-driven culture and real-time data enables them to discover the secret of their core business – the heartbeat of their employees is the heartbeat of a workforce that delivers a world-class customer service.

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