Atea & Woba

How Atea is building its culture through an employee-centered mission

Atea is the biggest provider of IT infrastructure in the Nordics. Therefore they strive to be the best in the market to assist their customers with value-creating IT solutions.

When you enter Atea, you enter a world that aligns with the company’s employee-centered mission: we strive to be the best place to work. Atea knows that there is a direct link between an engaging company culture with passionate employees and the level of services they provide to their customers. Therefore, Atea looked for a digital tool that could deliver real-time insights about the heartbeat of their company culture. And for that purpose they selected Woba as their employee engagement platform in 2017.


“At our first meeting we identified some core pain points. For instance Atea had previously experienced time-consuming onboarding time, one-size-fit-all surveys and pure response rate. Furthermore, Atea pointed out that their employees felt that no follow-up actions were being taken. And likewise the managers felt they waited months for their reports and when they finally came, it took them several months to translate them into actions. As a result this increased the risk of disengagement and turnover intention that potentially could harm their culture without them knowing it”
says Mikkel Bindesbøl, Head of Sales


In 2017 Atea turned to Woba. Atea chose Woba’s research-based Health and Safety Risk Assessment. Atea tweaked some questions to make it more relevant for their employees with the goal of increasing the response rate. Woba managed to increase Atea’s overall response rate from their latest EHS survey from 35% to 89%. In addition, the managers across all departments in Atea didn’t have to wait months for their reports anymore and could take action immediately:

”Woba has provided our managers with a real-time overview of the employee engagement level in their departments. Therefore, Woba is a useful tool to create a better dialogue between employees and managers. Woba has likewise made it easier for HR to identify the departments at risk, and enabled us to take action at an early stage to create the best possible working conditions for our employees.”
– Annette Otto, Senior Vice President and Head of HR, Atea DK

Results with Woba

Today Woba is responsible for providing Atea with a compliant overview of their environmental health and safety risks (EHS) as well as company culture map through real-time data. According to Senior Vice President of HR, Annette Otto, Woba offers Atea above all data-driven insights that makes a real change for their company because Woba manages to:

  • Provide each manager with a completely new and ongoing real-time overview of how their employees are doing
  • Provide HR & executives a holistic overview with Woba’s intelligent Risk Map that highlights potential workforces at risk and opportunities to success across the entire company
  • Transform their employee feedback into targeted actions and therefore gives every single employee an empowering feeling of being heard
  • Give Atea the unique opportunity to customize all their questions to ensure that they always reflect the actual situation. That is one of the most important factors for our success with Woba, says Annette Otto

In that simple way Woba is now an integrated part of Atea’s daily mission: to be the best place to work.

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